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Update on St Albans shopping centre sponsored guide dog

8th February 2018, 9:11am

A guide dog sponsored by a St Albans shopping centre is doing well in her training.

Malty The Maltings puppy is just over six months old, and is being trained by Guide Dogs for the Blind puppy walker Janet.

The shopping centre bid in a charity auction to sponsor Malty at a St George’s Day lunch in April and won the privilege to name and follow the dog’s progress through training.

She has now been fully vaccinated, presented with her first puppy training blue jacket and ridden the bus and train, as well as enjoying a 10-day trip to Cornwall.

Down in the south, she enjoyed running on the beech, paddling in the sea, and settled in comfortably with the unfamiliar surroundings.

Malty will attend a number of fundraising events over the coming weeks.

Maltings Centre Manager, Phil Corrigan, said: “It’s great to hear that Malty is doing so well with her training.

“The centre is offering space for activities again this year which are crucial to help raise funds and awareness of Guide Dogs for the Blind within the St Albans area.

“We hosted two events in 2017 which raised nearly £700, our next fundraising event at the Maltings will be on Saturday April 7 where we hope to see a great turn out – it would be fabulous if we could get to that magical £1000.”

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